Best Lighting for Party – Partyxyz


What is the one thing that instantly catches your attention, and you find yourself gazing at it at a party? The lights, right? It makes people drool in awe of itself and shines the party bright with the magic of love.  It’s amazing how lights can do so much to the appearance of your party … Read more

Best Party Catering – Partyxyz


Literally stating, catering is a yummy business. A lot depends on the catering and food at a party. They are like the pillars which hold the party together. The savors and flavors that you serve your guests are superheroes and can do wonders in making your party a big success. Almost everything can be compromised … Read more

Best Party Furniture – Partyxyz


Furnishing and decorating are an art. Putting up décor with furniture to make it visually appealing is fantastic. Furniture can do wonders for your preparations and will help you aim for the most elegant décor ever. Places like party furniture rentals are so chic and provide the best party furniture for rent.  The kind of … Read more

10 Best Party Cameras – Partyxyz


Parties have been an amazing time to bond, get crazy, act dumb (& wild) since time immemorial. It’s the vibe and aura of the occasion that sets the mood. Parties are put up for a lot of occasions and celebrations. Despite that, a party camera, specifically a point-and-shoot camera, goes with all of them. Party … Read more

10 Best Camcorders – Partyxyz


Parties and get-togethers are like a hub of memories. You create memories, make new bonds, and cherish the occasion. These moments should be captured and captured accurately. This is the time that will be missed deeply and happily. And to get that perfect shot to rewind your memories, we have brought you a list of … Read more

Amazing Picture Frame Ideas – Partyxyz


Are you looking for creative ideas to redecorate your wall and accessorize your residence? Picture frames are an amazing option to help you with adorning a place. Picture frames change the tone of the wall and the spot they are placed at. If you are thinking of updating and modifying a corner or just dedicating … Read more

Innovative Ideas on Party Invite – Partyxyz


Invitations are great tools to trigger excitement and thrill among your guests for your party. Party invites can mean a lot of things and even be a way to show emotions. Gone are the times of boring party invites with just information of location and time. The youth of this era is driven by drama … Read more

Monopoly Party Ideas in 2022 – Partyxyz


Monopoly has been a popular board game since time immemorial. Each one of us has spent our childhoods playing all kinds of board games, especially monopoly. Monopoly parties are the best for board game lovers and a good idea to refresh the memories of childhood and take a dive into the pool of nostalgia with … Read more

Winter Party Ideas in 2022 – Partyxyz

winter party ideas

Winter, of all the seasons, is the most loved one for its lazy mornings and cosy winter clothes. These are some things most of us wish to have for our lifetime, comfort and warmth. Winters are a wonderland of parties. It offers activities in the snow and is the best sports season for adventure lovers. … Read more

Housewarming Party Ideas in 2022 – Partyxyz

housewarming party ideas

You finally got your dream house, and boxes are on the go, you are frantic, things are messy, and everything’s upside-down of what you thought would be just fine. Adding to this, now you have an additional burden of hosting a party, a housewarming party. You want the housewarming to go the way your house … Read more